6th Guards Airborne Division

Welcome to 6th Guards Airborne Division, we are a 2nd World War living history group based in the UK, displaying uniforms and equipment used by the VDV aka Soviet Paratroopers During the Battle of Khalkhin Gol 1939, The Winter War 1939-40 as well as the Great Patriotic War 1941-45

Motto of the VDV:

Где мы находимся – всегда есть победа!

(Where we are-there is always a victory!)


Theme of the Air Force:



6th Guards Airborne Division

The 6th Guards Airborne Division Reenactment group is a society of non-political enthusiasts of history. We portray combat soldiers of the 6th Guards Airborne Division at public educational displays and at private reenactments. We are not a Neo-Communist organization, nor do we subscribe to the ideas, ideals, goals, or aspirations of any extremist groups, nor are we affiliated with any such organizations. For the hobby of reenacting to function, and to represent a true history, both sides of the conflict must be represented.