Q, Why Soviet paras?

A, We chose to portray Soviet paras because their contribution on the eastern front has largely been forgotten especially here in the west, the public now have the opportunity to learn about this forgotten branch of the Soviet military.


Q, When was the group formed?

A, October 2017 The 100th Anniversary of the October Revolution


Q, How old do you have to be to join?

A, This is a tricky question to answer when it comes to re enactment here in the UK, currently our Public Liability Insurance only covers those over the age of 16 however we as a group with a average age of 18 believe it’s important to encourage young people to join in, so we will accept members as young as 12, however due to the lack of PLI to cover those under the age of 16 anyone younger will have to abide by stricter safety rules details of which will be given on application or enquiry.


Q, How many members in the group?

A, Currently our membership stands at 11 plus 1 honorary member


Q, How can I enquire about joining?

A, Either email us at 6thgad@gmail.com or fill out the form on our contact page


Q, Are women allowed to join?

A, Of course! Women played a huge role in the Soviet Union during the war


Q, How many events does the group attend per year?

A, On average 3-4 all over the Southern half of the UK


Q, How much is it to buy all the basic kit?

A, The cost of your basic kit would be about £300 this is far cheaper then say German or US kit


Q, Do you do any battles

A, We normally try to do at least one public battle a year but as a living history group we like to focus more on our camp displays and training sessions.