Other Soviet Groups based in the UK:

2nd Guards Rifle Division (Infantry WW2)


284th Rifle Division (Combat Engineers/Snipers WW2)


13th Guards Rifle Division (Infantry/Tankists)


416th Rifle Division (Early War Infantry)


Military History Club “Za Oboronu”  (Various branches portrayed)


124 Guards Medical Aid Station (Cold War Medical)


International WW2 Soviet Groups:

Na Zapad (France) Portraying Soviet Medical troops primarily as well as WW1 Imperial Russian Troops

Za Rodinu (Australia) WW2 Soviet Infantry and Snipers

Soldati Al Fronte (Italy) WW2 Soviet and Italian Troops

Military and historical club «Dozor» (Russia)

Klub Miłośników Historii “Warszawa” (Poland) WW2 Soviet Various branches portrayed



Friendly groups portraying other nations UK based:

325th Glider Infantry (US Glider Troops)


No3 Commando D Troop


 Mediterraneo (WW2 Italian)

Just Ordinary Men (WW2 Portraying: British HQ Troop 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron)

SSTK Living History Group (WW2 German portraying primarily early war SS)





Epic Militaria

Voin (Ukraine)